During the last years also in Finland has grown understanding that also here, on our quite gently sloping fells, goes avalanches and as a result of that the avalanche knowledge has raised its head. Many times we as a misconception think that avalanche danger applies only for free skiers. A free skier is a person, whose downhill skies and -boots allow to ski also upwards using skins and own energy and therefore ski down natural slopes. Avalanche danger concerns also people moving with snow scooters, snowshoes or skis with pulka. Even though you do not move upwards on a fell, you might expose yourself to an avalanche danger by going under a steep fell or in a gorge.

From where then it is possible to get information about avalanche forecasts and avalanche safety here in Norden? And what does the numbers in avalanche forecast mean?

In Finland Finnish Meteorological Institute is providing the avalanche forecast daily. Forecast is made for 6 fell areas in northern part of Finland. I also recommend to follow Ylläs Skipatrol in Instagram. They are providing forecast for Ylläs area.

In Sweden avalanche forecast is provided by Naturvårdsverket, which creates daily forecast for 5 different fell areas. You can follow Sweden avalanche forecast in Instagram and Facebook.

In Norway Varsom.no is providing avalanche forecast daily. You can follow them also in Instagram and Facebook.

Very rarely only reading makes you a professional and that applies also avalanche safety knowledge. Check out from internet companies who are offering avalanche safety courses near you and ask which would be convenient course for your needs.

Have a safe rest of the winter season!

Springwinter greetings.


Avalanche forecast is reported a scale from 1-5:

5 EXTREME Avoid all avalanche terrain Natural and human-triggered avalanches certain. Large to very large avalanches in many areas.
4 HIGH Very dangerous avalanche conditions. Travel in avalanche terrain not recommended Natural avalanches likely; human-triggered avalanches very likely. Large avalanches in many areas or very large avalanches in specific areas
3 CONSIDERABLE Dangerous avalanche conditions. Careful snowpack evaluation, cautious route-finding and conservative decision-making essential Natural avalanches possible; human-triggered avalanches likely. Small avalanches in many areas; or large avalanches in specific areas; or very large avalanches in isolated areas.
2 MODERATE Heightened avalanche conditions on specific terrain features. Evaluate snow and terrain carefully; identify features of concern. Natural avalanches unlikely; Human-triggered avalanches possible. Small avalanches in specific areas; or large avalanches in isolated areas
1 LOW Generally safe avalanche conditions; Watch for unstable snow on isolated terrain features Natural and human-triggered avalanches unlikely Small avalanches in isolated areas or extreme terrain


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