*23-25.5.23 Basic Sea Kayaking Course, Tromsø (våttkort)

Evening course (kl. 16.15-21.15) or on request for private groups

From a kayak you can see nature from a completely different perspective and pitch up your tent on places that can only be reached by water. In Norway, the underwater world is also amazing and kayaking gives the perfect opportunity to observe that! This two-day kayaking course is in accordance with the standards of the Norwegian Paddling Association and you will gain knowledge to start kayaking by your own and doing easy overnight trips as well as a våttkort, which is required to rent a kayak in Norway or to join kayaking clubs. There is an active kayaking club in Tromsø, which organizes a lot of activities and over night tours for its members, and through the club you can rent a kayak for your use at a low price.

During the 16 hours course we go through:

  • Lift, carry, launch and enter the kayak
  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Backward paddling and stop.
  • Sideways paddling.
  • Low brace.
  • Stern rudder.
  • Sweep strokes.
  • Landing.
  • Securing a kayak after landing
  • Rescue techniques
  • Injury prevention
  • Planning an easy trip
  • General safety and basic seamanship
  • General information about outdoor life and every mans right
  • Leave No Trace

From here you can have a look more carefully and see what you can expect from the course.

Time:  23-25.5.2023, every evening kl. 16.15-21.15 or from request for private groups. If you do not have your own car, please contact for other transportation possibilities

Place: Håkøybotn, Kvaløya. If you do not have a car, there is a possibility for pick up from Eide Handel (Please inform about pick up need when signing in to the course).

Number of participants: 4 – 6 people (A small number of participants guarantees high-quality teaching, where there is possibility to focus on the personal development of each participant)

Instructor: Jenni Antinaho. NPF (Norges Padleforbund) certified instructor.

Earlier experience: Ability to swim, moderate fitness

Price: NOK 2600/person. With own equipment NOK 2100/person. For private groups: 1-4 person, 10 400 nok/course. 5-6 person, 2600 nok/person

The course includes: Instruction, safety equipment, and all necessary equipment, such as a kayak and a dry suit.

Your own equipment needed for the course: Underlayer(s) under the dry suit, as well as a full change of clothes packed waterproof. Food and drinks for the whole day

Safety and insurance: In all KaruArctic courses, safety is always the first priority. This is guaranteed by careful planning  in advance and continuous monitoring during the course. However, when registering for the course, it is good to know that although we strive to minimize risks, they are always associated with this type of activity. Participants are not insured for the duration of the course, so everyone must take care of their own personal insurance.

Karu Arctic’s Course- and Payment Terms are valid on this course. Please read them through before booking. With your booking you verify that you accept the terms and conditions.

More information and registration: info (at) karuarctic.com.