“Karu” is Finnish and means “Ascetic”. Arctic ascetic nature is like a minimalistic home. There is not a lot of things but still you can find everything you need from there. It fascinates with its simplicity and clarity. Arctic ascetic weather is at the same time gentle and harsh. It can change from gentle spring winter sunshine to a blizzard and total whiteout in a minutes. To survive with the arctic nature and weather you need to respect it and understand it. Ascetic arctic nature and weather has mesmerized me from the day one. Now my goal is to bring this arctic charm closer to you.

KaruArctic’s basic idea is to offer unforgettable nature experiences and safe ground to execute own hikes and nature adventures. Will you learn how to make an own ski tour, hike through the North wilderness, paddle in the tide waters between fjords in Norway or trail run outside of the marked trails on the fells of Norway, KaruArctic offers guidance and knowledge based around three basic ideas: High-class teaching, bring forth the safety aspect and enjoyment and respect of the nature.

“I put my soul into what I do”