*Varangen Peninsula (Norway), Hiking on the Edge of the World

On request for private groups. 8 days long hike

We hike across the Varangen peninsula, on the edge of Finnmark and the world. This is a journey that leaves a deep mark on our hearts. Here you have the feeling that you are traveling on the edge of the world, and that’s exactly what it is. After the peninsula, there is nothing but open sea to the North Pole.

The national park has been left very authentic. Marked routes, neither bridges when going deeper into the park does not exist. There are a few huts that were built for workers during the war. This only increases the feeling of traveling on the edge of the world, when you have to know how to choose routes, navigate and cross rivers yourself. You hardly come across other hikers here.

The canyons create their own stamp on the area. Sometimes they are explored from below, and sometimes we are wandering above them while eagles and rough-legged buzzard fly overhead. For the evening, we will look for our own, secret spot somewhere in the canyon or on top of the fells. A powerful experience also comes from an area that is completely covered with rock and stone as far as the eye can see. There it feels like the world has disappeared, until suddenly we move again to an area where scanty vegetation covers the ground.

Our hike is about 85 kilometers and most of this we do off the trails. So you get a lot of experience in route planning, orientation, crossing rivers and camping above the treeline. Varangen is also the promised land of blueberries! There are so many blueberries in a good year that you have to eat them first from under the tent site 😀

More information coming soon!