KaruArctic Guide


My name is Jenni Antinaho and nature is one of the most important things in my life. I need my dose of nature every day. I am a grand user what comes to being in the nature: skiing, kayaking, trail running, hiking, mountain biking, ski touring, climbing…I think the list is endles. I am also diverse what comes to the style: I like technical sports, where I have to concentrate 100% to what I am doing and where is possible to develope myself. On the other hand I enjoy enormously for example peacefull hiking, sitting on a fell and just look to the remoteness. These same things I want to take forward through my own company, my knowledge and the great feeling what comes when spending time in the nature.

You are most welcome to come along!

  • Nordisk Friluftsguide / Wilderness/Outdoor guide, graduated from Outdoor Academy school
  • Certified Avalanche Instructor (Finlav, Finnish Avalanche Education)
  • Certified Avalanche Technician (Svelav Pro 2 course)
  • Certified Kayaking Guide, NPF (Norges Padleforbund)
  • WFR, Wilderness First Responder certification of first aid skills 
  • Member of Tromsø Red Cross SAR Team
  • A Finn, whose home is in Tromsø, middle of Norwegian arctic mountains and fjords
  • During the last decade, spend dozens of weeks hiking, skiing, kayaking, trail running and mountain biking through the north wilderness in Finland, Sweden and Norway