*6 Days Hike Through Three Empires (Finland, Sweden and Norway)

On request for private groups

Would you like to learn to hike in Finland, Sweden and Norway during the same tour? Learn how countries hiking culture, route markings, using of open huts and every man rights differ from each others? At the same time when you learn more about basic hiking skills, how to hike and navigate and camp above the treeline, cross rivers, think how to anticipate and handle different problem situation

During the Hike Trough Three Empires we hike around 70 kilometers around Pältsan fell area, situated in Sweden. During the six days we hike several times from country to another, enjoying the scenery of over kilometers high fells, the spaciousness which the hike above the treeline creates together with the total peace and silence of wilderness. During the hike we also enjoy the heat of the Swedish wilderness sauna.

When: 15.6-30.9. Tour starts and ends to Kilpisjärvi, Finland. On September it is possible to experience the magical arctic color season

Guide: Jenni Antinaho, who has hike around the northern wilderness on her shorter and longer tours dozens of weeks during the last decade. Motto: Home is where you pitch your tent in the evening. During the last years place of the home has chanced quite many times, because of over hundred tent nights during the year.

Number of participants: 1-10 persons.

Accommodation: Own tents. Tent needs to be suitable for camping above the treeline. If you want, you can borrow a tent from KaruArctic

Needed experience: Earlier hiking experience from overnight tours. Day distances are between 10-15 kilometers. Some points terrain is challenging due to the rockiness and ascent/descent meters. Participants should be able to hike distances mentioned above while carrying all 6 days equipment and food.

Own equipment: Hiking gear for longer tours (sleeping pad and bag, outdoor stove, waterproof pants and jacket, warm clothes, good shoes, backpack around 60+ liters). Accommodation in own tents (must handle hard winds above the treeline), own food which is prepared on a stove. Hiking poles. First aid kit. You will get full list after signing in and help for having all the needed but not too much gear with you

Route: From Kilpisjärvi village we drive to Norway site couple of kilometers, from where we start the hike. During our hike we will pass Goldahut, Gappohut, Pälts hut and Kuohkimajärvi hut. Pältsa hut is the only hut we are going to spend one night. There is a possibility to sleep inside in the hut and have a wilderness sauna :). We end the hike to Kilpisjärvi village, where again is possibility to experience Finnish saunaculture together with swimming in the arctic lake. 

The area is very quiet and we do not meet that many other hikers. We will pitch up our tents on a places were we can enjoy our own privacy and silence of the nature. 

Price: 1-4 person: 25.200 nok/tour

5-10 person: 6200 nok/person

On request you can buy ready breakfast, lunch and dinner for the tour (400 nok/person/day). 

Price does not include: Insurance, accommodation, food, gear needed on hike, transportation. Sauna-/tent fee on Pältsan hut

KaruArcti’s Course- and Payment Terms are valid on this tour. Please read them through before you book your hike. With booking you verify that you accept the terms and conditions.

Information and booking: info (at) karuarctic.com

Traveling to Kilpisjärvi: Busses go straight to Kilpisjärvi from Rovaniemi (www.matkahuolto.fi). To Rovaniemi you can travel by train (www.vr.fi) or by airplane. You can also fly to Tromso, Norway and take a buss from there (www.matkahuolto.fi).

Please contact for any further questions! 🙂