*Easy Kayaking Tour (4 h, also for new beginners)

Do you want to experience the stunning nature and mountains from seas? And be surprised how crystal clear the arctic water is and how much life there is under water as well? And maybe even see seals from a kayak, which are living in the bay this tour is taking you. I cannot promise for 100%, but so far we have seen seals on every kayaking tour on fall and wintertime 🙂 Kayaking in arctic, year-round is an unforgettable experience. During wintertime kayaking is still possible and locals do it a lot! With right gear you will be warm and cozy inside the kayak, while enjoying white mountains and stunning polar night colors around you!

This is an easy tour also for the ones who have never paddled before. If you enjoy being outdoors, can swim and can sit legs straight in the floor, this is a tour for you!

We like to keep the amount of participants low, so that you have a better possibility to experience nature and feel relaxed.

This tour is eco-friendly, located in Håkøybont, Kvaløya island, where you can arrive with local buss from Tromsø city. Your guide is waiting for you at the destination’s buss stop and after the tour guiding you back to the right buss. You can also arrive with your own car.

WHEN: By request for private groups. Contact info@karuarctic.com for booking

WHERE: Håkøybotn, Kvaløya island (Next to Tromsø island).

WHAT: If arriving with a buss, your guide will be waiting for you at the buss stop, so you do not need to worry how to know to get off on a right stop. Place to go kayaking is just right next to the buss stop. Your guide will introduce you for all the needed gear and give you an introduction how safely do a kayaking tour. After that we will start our tour and enjoy the magnificent nature around and under us. On the bay we are kayaking, is a lot of seals, so maybe we have a possibility to follow their life as well! On a halfway on a tour, we will go to a land and have a short break with warm drink and a snack, which a included to the tour. Beginning and after the tour, there is an access to toilet.

ARRIVE: Buss number 420 from Prostnesett at 9.00 or own car


NEEDED EXPERIENCE: If you enjoy being outdoors and move yourself, this is a tour for you. You can swim and sit on the floor legs straight.

OWN EQUIPMENT: Warm clothes you are wearing under drysuit+extra layer. Best are merinowool /wool. You should have at least 2 layers: for example merinowool shirt/pants and top of that a thick wool / fleece and woolen socks. Bring also a warm jacket, (wool)hat and cloves and something to drink.

PRICE: 1-3 person: 4690 nok/tour. 4-6 person: 1290 nok/person.

PRICE INCLUDES: Certified, local kayaking instructor. All needed equipment for kayaking, together with drysuit we are wearing, a warm drink and a small snack. Small group and personal guiding.

PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Busride / transportation to the destination

The tour follows Karu Arctic’s Travel Terms and Conditions. Please read them thoroughly before registering. By signing up, you confirm that you accept the Terms and Conditions

More information and registration: info (at) karuarctic.com.