*Kayaking Around Whale Island on Arctic Midnight Sun (1-3 night excursion)

Kvaløya is an island on Tromsø and means Whale Island. It is the fifth largest island on Norway and you can find isolated beaches and mountains, which can be reach only by waters, as well as small fishing villages. During the kayaking excursion we will admire mountains rising up straight from the sea as well as white sandy beaches. Arctic water is crystal clear and on our way we have the pleasure to enjoy the rich wild life of Norwegian sea above and under the water. During the tour we will also try to catch the dinner from the kayak and prepare the fish on our campsite.

During the tour: You familiarize yourself the kayaking waters of Norway, nature, climate and tide waters. We will sleep in the tents and prepare meals with a camping stove.

Time: On request (between 15.5-15.9). Tour is 1-3 nights. The route is selected according to the weather

Place: Tromsø, Norway. Island of Kvaløya and smaller islands around it.

Number of participants: 1-6

Guide: Jenni Antinaho, NPF’s (Norges Padleforbund) sertified guide. Originaly from Finland, now has found her home from Tromsø , between fjords and mountains. During the years paddled several long tours. During outdoor studies, specialized to kayaking. Interested in also surffing, rock hopping and white water kayaking.

Earlier experience: The tour can be tailored according to your skills. If you have not done kayaking before, we start by doing a short basic course before the tour. Please contact and let’s see what kind of a tour is best for you!

Accommodation: During the tour we are sleeping in the tents. Tents are provided to you

Food: You can either take your own food with you or buy all inclusive tour with breakfast, lunch and dinner, which we prepare together (800 nok extra per day/person). Water we get from nature and there is no need to boil it.

Conditions: The water in the Norwegian Sea is cold even in summer (around +10 degrees) and the air temperatures can be anything between +8 and +30 degrees.

Equipment included to the tour: Kayaking equipment (kayak, spray skirt, life jacket, paddle, dry suit, cloves and shoes). Tent and outdoor kitchen

Own equipment: Sleeping bag and mattress, warm clothes under the dry suit and for the tour. Eating utensils, water bottle. You will get more detailed list before the tour.

Price: 1 Night: 13 000 nok/tour (1-4 person). 3200 nok/person with 5-6 person

2 Nights: 18 000 nok/tour (1-4 person). 4500 nok/person with 5-6 person

3 Nights: 22 000 nok/tour (1-4 person). 5500 nok/person with 5-6 person

Safety and insurance: On all KaruArctic tours, safety always comes first. This is guaranteed by careful advance planning and continuous monitoring during the tour. However, when signing up for the tour , it’s good to know that although we try to minimize risks, they are always associated with this type of activity. Participants are not insured for the duration of the tour, so everyone must take care of their own personal insurance.

Karu Arctic’s Course- and Payment Terms are valid on this course. Please read them through before booking. With your booking you verify that you accept the terms and conditions.

More information and registration: info (at) karuarctic.com.